About Us

Estrin Estates is a family owned, artisan winery created with the goal of producing elegant red wines with exquisite balance from the best vineyards in Washington State.

Our Story
It was 2007. At a dinner party one night, a friend asked, “If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?” His current vocation was as a software developer, and Rich surprised even himself when he answered. “Making wine.” Having approached wine as merely a hobby up until this moment, suddenly his destiny seemed clear. He would become a winemaker.

Within a week, Estrin Estates secured their first grapes. Travelling to the eastern Washington vineyard with their young children, the entire family harvested this first bounty, beginning the long journey from dangling clusters on the vine to complex, fruit-forward vintages. The dream was fully in motion.

Estrin Estates became a licensed, bonded winery in 2009. With the help of many generous family and friends, they proudly offer you the fruits of that labor. They’re sure you will taste the winemaker’s craft and love in every pour.

Enjoy. Be sure to share with friends. As all good things should be. Especially wine.

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